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VS Code — the ecosystem alone is by far the biggest reason to switch.

VS Code Extensions

Editor Theme

  • Material Theme I use this on my personal machine.
  • Night Owl Theme I use this on my work machine.
  • I use Dank Mono for the main editor font with ligatures turned on. I know…ligatures. Give it a couple of weeks, trust me.


iTerm2 I customized it by following Wes Bos’ course, Command Line Power User.

Terminal Font: Inconsolata for Powerline

macOS Desktop Apps

  • Alfred. I use their snippets and workflows pretty heavily.
  • BetterTouchTool Great tool for customizing keyboard and trackpad shortcuts.
  • Franz Consolidate all of your various Slack, Messenger, Hangouts, etc messaging apps into one app.
  • Kap Good, quick video/screen capture tool.
  • Karabiner Elements I could probably do a lot more with this, but I map my capslock to command+shift+option+control for shortcuts.
  • Rocket Quickly type out emojis like you do in Slack 🚀
  • Sketch I design mostly in Sketch these days, but really eyeing Figma & Framer X.

Desk Setup

  • My desk is a Steelcase Airtouch. It’s a great desk, but I bought it before there were a lot more cheaper options, so don’t generally recommend due to the price.
  • My chair is an Ergohuman ME7ERG. I have a really long torso, so most arm rests aren’t tall enough for me—this was the only one I found that worked for me.
  • My speakers are ridonkulously old. I bought my Logitech X-530 in college and they’re still running strong. I’m not an audiophile by any means, so they get the job done for me.
  • My webcam is the Logitech HD Pro C920. It has a decent picture, but I generally can’t use the microphone as it doesn’t have good cancelling.
  • My keyboard is Microsoft Sculpt Comfort. The more “ergonomic” keyboards never felt quite right to me. this is a nice balance imo.
  • My trackpad is Apple’s Magic Trackpad. Gestures ftw. BetterTouchTool makes this trackpad actually feel magical.