Brent Larson in a nice, gray suit looking all fancy.

The Skinny

I’ve been creating things on the web for over 10 years. I’m passionate about learning and growing as a designer and a developer, as a budding "unicorn" designer.

I love designing because I love solving people’s problems. (Sometimes this gets me in trouble with my wife…)

I love developing because I love being able to bring the vision I have for a design to life.

I focus on making usable, performant, and accessible websites and apps as I believe those are the fundamental things every design should have.

My Design Process

I tend to follow a Lean UX model so I can help deliver something of value quickly, but as always, it depends on the project.

Learn about my design process


Since some folks are curious, I wrote about what apps and services I use and my office setup.

Check out what I use

Why Nerd Cowboy

If you want to be memorable with a generic name like Brent Larson, you need something that’s unique and memorable to help make you stick out.

Nerd = Because I am
Cowboy = I grew up on a dairy farm and I live in Arizona

Getting Personal

I grew up on a small, dairy farm in Minnesota. I made a terrible farmer, but thankfully, I was good with computers. I graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) with a degree in Graphic Communications and migrated to Arizona shortly thereafter. I'm currently living in Mesa, Arizona with my beautiful wife, Kimberly, and our handsome dog, Chauncey.

When I’m not learning more about design and development, I love to exercise, hike, play/watch sports, cook, and make fancy cocktails.